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Holiday Gifts for Podcasters


Do you have a podcaster in your life you want to get a gift for this holiday season? Today, we share various gift ideas that you can give to that special podcaster here on Joey’s Totally Tech!

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The following links below are not affiliate links and the Joey's Totally Tech Podcast does not make money off of them. This is particularly due to Joey working at a major retailer, and he does not want to have a conflict of interest with his current job.$600 and under


Tascam Mixcast 4 - $599 -

Rodecaster Pro - $599 -

Zoom Podtrak P8 - $549 -


Shure SM7B with Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator - $589.95 -

$500 and under

WorkstationsZoom PodTrak P4 Bundle - $469.94 -


Earthworks ICON Pro Broadcast Quality Microphone - $499 -

400 and under


Shure SM7B – Notable Recent Price Drop - $399 -

Shure MV7/XLR Microphone + SRH440 Headphones + Gator 3000 Boom Stand Bundle - $399 -

Shure MV7 USB/XLR Microphone + Gator 3000 Boom Stand Bundle - $329.50 -

Rode Procaster Broadcast Quality Micrphone with Rode PSA 1 Mount Studio Mic Boom Arm and PSM 1 Shockmount Bundle - $369.00 -

Video Cameras for Video Podcasts

Livestream Video Camera – 4K ORDRO AX60 UHD Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom and 3.5” IPS Screen - $399.99 -

4K 30fps Video Camera Camcorder – ORDRO Ultra HD Vlog Camera with Night Vision Recorder, Wifi, Carrying case, 2 batteries, and 32GB SD Card - $379.99 -

Lighting for Video Podcasts

Neewer 2 Packs 660 Pro RGB LED Video Lights with App Control Stand Kit - $301.99 -

$300 and Under


Zoom Podtrak P4 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder + 64 GB Ultra SDXC Memory Card + 4 AA Batteries and Charger and Cleaning Cloth - $249.99 -

Moanocaster with XLR Microphone - $259.00 -

Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle with Pro Tools - $279.99 -

MicrophonesShure MV7 USB/XLR Microphone - Procaster -

Cameras for Video Podcasts

4K Camcorder Video Camera – ORDRO AC3 1080P 60FPS Vlog Camera - $299.99 -

ORDRO 4K Camcorder – Night Vision, 1080P 60FPS, Wifi, External Microphone, Wide Angle Lense, Remote Control, and 32 GB SD Card - $239.99 -

Lighting for Video PodcastsIVISII LED Video Light Kit – 2-Pack Photography Lights with Stand, Dimmable Bi-Color 3000K-8000K Panel Light - $209.99 -

$200 and under

Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools - $169.99 -

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen - $119.99 -

Soundcraft Notepad-12FX USB Mixer - $189.00 -

Soundcraft Notepad-8FX Small-format Analog Eight-Channel Mixing Console - $155 -


Shure MV7X XLR Microphone - $149.00 -

Fifine K658 USB Microphone - $119.99 -

Audio-Technica AT2005USBPK Vocal Microphone Pack – Includes USB and XLR Outputs – Adjustable Boom Arm and Monitor Headphones - $129.00 -


512 Audio Skylight Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone - $199.99 -

512 Audio Limelight Dynamic Microphone - $199.99 -

Microphone Boom Arms/StandsGator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand - $110.50 -

Rode Microphones Boom Arm - $129.00 -

Video PodcastElgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller with 15 Customizable LCD Keys - $149.99 -

Video Camera Camcorder 4K 60FPS 48MP Night Vision Camera - $149.99 -

Studio HeadphonesAudio Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones - $149.00 - $189 -

Audio Technica ATH-ANC900BT QuietPoint Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - $149.00 -

$100 and under


Moanocaster Lite with Microphone - $99.99 -

MicrophonesZoom ZDM-1 Microphone - $49.99 (was $79.99) -

Rode Podmic - $99.99 -

FiFine K670 - $39.99 -

Mackie Element EM-91C (currently being used on this podcast)– Regularly $59.99 (originally about $80) -

Mackie Element EM-91CU (USB version of previous mic) - $49.99 -

AT2020 Condenser Microphone - $99.99 -

Pop FiltersAokeo Pop Filter (currently used on this podcast) - $9.98 -

EJT Upgraded Microphone Pop Filter -

ARISEN Dual Layered Microphone Pop Filter - $18.99 -

Podmic Pop Filter - $39.99 -

Video PodcastingElgato Stream Deck Mini - $71.38 -

You are listening to Joe Totally Tech,your tech podcast. Do you have a podcaster in your life?Do you want to get a gift or this holiday season the day we share variousgift ideas that you could give to that special podcaster here on joy's,totally tack. Welcome to Joey's toly tech on yourhost Joey cake. Unfortunately, Antonio cannot make it tonight, he's notfeeling great it will soon, Antonio, he did send meas fur event for tonight. I share that later in the podcast, so ye had a fairly busy week, my retail job, crazy. No, I say, let's see, as I mentioned last week, Iwill be starting the Coati mood camp with Tisica state, an averst January,twenty seven, that's exciting Harby, so that great, but I apologize for starting latetonight by the way I'm having trouble to acting with facebook, it seems fromPastor Dada. Does it seem like it started? Livestreaming seemed to have started the first time, but then I got thisconnected. Astrodites been weird at saying that Pi fire, or something I'm about that. Ijust check facebook now and see if it's made up on here. The live stream is notgoing to facebook or reason as far as I could sell but looks like we are justgoing to be on goute tonight, I'll ULOA, this video to facebook later on notmuch. I could about that. Unfortunately, so I do want to mention a web hostpython. I forgot to put link and the description of this, but I will edit it so ethly check out affiliate link peckit out O my previous livestream as well Rif you're, all the audio podcast, Ialways make sure include elately and the description on the audio only guestof jellies totally at so we're watching the live stream right now, probably listen to the audio of podcast. Thankyou for listening looks like our listener. Ship seems to be hoveringsomewhere between like fifty to seventy years or listenersrather right now. Thank you for listening. It's much appreciated. I dohope to see that number increase, of course, to no tech trade tonight, becauseAntonio is not own, definitely check out web host Python. I love Web PostPython. That's been a greatest uppose...

I've known especially for the Price Eck about, and the affiliate leak. Yeah you art, Private Server chairedWeb, hosted a that's in they even have edicated hosting defiles check it outor whatever web project. You're working on is the upon code H, fifty a half offfor your first, both of web host Python, peck out the affiliate link and thedescription below all right. So today we have I'd, cast our gifts at various price points to check outhere. If you have a podcaster, your life or the holidays, you need to getthe gift well stay tune. This is your oudcast today. This is always your tech. I Guess Ellis Totally Tech. We will be right. Welcome back to Joey's, totally tech ortech OAST, so I've got a ton of gift ideas or have podcasters on their life, we'regoing to start out with the most expensive. First, I'm going to switch to the screen viewhere. So here we go we're going to go with the most expensive. First, I'mgoing to go it less expensive. Options that are on podcasting can get pretty icy and whenyou do video price here so talk, video ment are really talked. I says Blub, but I'm backing withanything six hundred dollars and Velo tonight, but we're not going to go overthat for any of these items, but we're good start out with the six hundredhour items under a first on the list, as the task can asked, Odas Studio Mator got one right here for this podcast freight park station. By the way I loveit, it got for Mica puts with atomic or head phone output, we ve got the fixins, so you don't have a to and aguess, causin or and Antonio is falling remotely or the podcast. You know at that,Antonio, it's got to your pods, but I mean we love this thing. It's a great tooland our video here, oh that's, five hundred. Ninety ninedollars. So that's a six hundred dollar eye of there and of course this is forsomeone who wants professional, founting podcast- and you know if you had those you know apodcast creator. They've been doing it for a bit, and you really want to helpabout this. It's for that person a same here with the road cast or pro which Iwill be oly. Not a road cast are pro it's actually.First of these help podcast quarters it's, but the as camp makes or iscreated to be a editor to so this is...

...also a great option. Similar featureset, the Tas Cam mix cast for, of course, has a voice changer to otherfeatures that the road cast or pro does not but again for Excel R fort anotherdifference is on the Taskar Got Amba Jack, not just a regular xl ports. Youcan buin those order, inch plugs as well the TRSAT. So that's really nice. You cannot dothat with a road cast or pro at least not without some kind of doubt. So there's that and then, of course,we've got the zoom on track. Eight, I'm going to be honest with you. I thinkthe zoom a track eight as not quite a Pique, with either of a Tas Camac castfor poor road cast or pro, and when you add the blue tooth adapter of the sameprice. This does not have ablutive after concluded here at five hundredforty nine dollars. Keep that in mind, I think it's over price, so try to lookfor use. One may be cheaper ware that I think Tasca's going to comeout with farm ware of a early regularly. The road caster has firm were updatesto the improve of features on that one fairly regularly. Doom has onlyreleased, one firm were update and it was mainly bug fixes they have got at afeatures. I don't really think that they look to compete with the other twothat I've mentioned here so far. Unfortunately, that's why I think thisis over price they're not really competing if either the TAS CAMAC castfour or road cast or pro. On top of that, that's only does sixteen it audioat twenty four event, audio, so for professional video use, pod tract a as hot for you you're just doing apodcast though, and no video, it's great for you, I'm notrecommending any microphones at this price point here. I just feel like you've got that our microphones atlower price point honestly, I feel like you're spending way more than that fora microphone you're, probably doing the radio orsomething now, I think, there's a great microphones inthe next ice point, which is the five hundred and under ice point, but we're not going to go straight intomicrophones now, we're God to let at a Ondol- and this bundle includes the little brother of the zoom padtrack PA. That's the zoom I track before so. Yes, we've got basically to Bomana included, let's seeto headphones to Mike, to cables needed or rather to ables. You will need rather- and so this is four hundred sixty ninedollars and ninety four sent at two batteries with it to Doulabatteries, and so like we said you get themicrophones the headphones. That's a pretty good deal all together,you know so the zoom podtachival is...

...probably a better deal. It's notcompeting with the road caster bro for Max cast for by any means. So it's not going to do as much. Itdoes not have the sound pads that the others have, but but it can do for the price and they actually had a price increase onthis. One recently same was the pod track gate, not crazy about the pig,the price ic piece, but twins right, give aware of that. But this is abundle, not the item itself. It does have the item included that we are going to talk about onemicrotone. It's a microphone that I hope to eventually a fire, not a cheapmicrophone by any means, if you know someone who's, doing, Odas, ing or evenlife streaming as a career. This is a great brand new microphone by the way. Let'ssee earthworks picon pro broadcast all de Microphone. It's a convincermicrophone, yet it competes with the likes of the shore. As of seventy,which is a dynamic microphone what's different about this. One,though, is that has background noise or drecked, that's something that'sdifferent from most convents or microphones. I've seen EPOS Fox'sreview on this and it's a great microphone, and I think you guys thoughI've mentioned, I love a sound cadens microphones, I'm using one here. I usea noise gaped with it, as well as a low cut filter to filter out the noise. Ifeel like it affects the sound a little bit. I don't know if you guys to noticeit. I M not. I used my condenser microphone when I don't have a one elsehere at the House with me. When I do have someone, I switch to a dynamicon its one, I'm going to vetch it later, which is much cheaper. But yes, this isa great, but we could call forever Mike. This is one you're going to use longterm and never going to replace it. That's deep thing on me: Isn't heretime also going to eat a Mitchin it'll eventually be replaced. This islike, I think, a fifty dollar Mike Right now might be even blessed wellget to the price of that eventually. But yeah, that's the hearth works. Ican pro. I propone ex stop for going to the four hundred and underand a lot of people going to say: wait. Is it this the five hundred and under aegory? Well, it was but any more, this a short SSee I've had a recent price drop were nowat three hundred fifty nine dollars for this microphone out. This is a classicmicrophone, it's very popular to use for a podcast one of those for everMikes. You know this microphone was used in the recording of MichaelJackson's thriller. It's been around bit a while and thismicrophones not going anywhere. It's your stay for a while longer, let's see for a long time, nothing could reallyheir to it. At the price point..., we've got the art works. I cod pro,but this is very popular microphone, Bisikon forrecording and podcast. What not a downside to this microphone is. Mostof the time will probably have to spend lit extra money on a Mike activator like bowed, left or fat head, as mostsystems do not have the gain at this mike fires. Keep that in mind, so yougot to spend another hundred or two hundred bucks does get the mice work, though I would definitely come in e forthward. I can crow over this microphone if you couldafford it, but considering that this one has dropped a bit of price, youmight want to consider this one. You might like the look of the shores ofsevade. If you're doing live streaming, you might like the look of theearthworks I concow as well. I personally like the look of both ofthem. A short as of seven is a bit darksounding, if I'm honest, but it's a great microphone. Otherwise you can fixthat dark, sound with some eat you, if you don't like sound of it. Oh yeah,that's the short sof, seven B next up, we've got another shore product, andthis is actually a bundle because we're going to go back to this microphoneitself later sure m, seven or MV. Seven. Rather US v X, L, R, dynamic microphone,and that has both USB and x LR. But it's great, if you're, not sure. If youwant to do US B or x, Lar, but you're, also getting the headphones studio headphones and aMike stand with it for three hundred ninety nine dollars, so that's greatfor the podcaster who definitely wants to have something that looks like asure of Seven B. I think, but they want to be able to both X, l, R and maybeconnected straight to their laptop or dust top better N. I think these typesof microphones, these Combo Mites between best, be Nxr for great for the beginneras well, because you don't have to commit to one or the other you could doUSB for now and if you want to switch to an ex LR set up later. Well, you can,in my opinion, EXO setups are much better, but you don't need an Xr set upto do a podcast, but you will have much more flexibility once you do switch toexcel and then we've got. That was another bundle that I'm justgoin. Let that end to be sure yes, Somar Bundle. Let's see theprevious fondle was the hundred ninety nine dollars. Thisone is three hundred twenty. Nine dollars for looking at the shore M V,seven G S B, x, l, R, microphone again bus with the stand at the head phones.So if you want to forgo the headphones because the podcast er in your lifealready has them yeah, I is a great option. This is a better Mike standthan what I've got by the way A, but this is probably like fifteendollars. I can't remember- and this is a much better quality, but will lastyou a lot longer. It even has rallied for the X L, R cable, which is reallynice you're, getting a good deal. Considering that the stand is not afifteen dollar cheap stand by any meanings, and then we've got another bundle forgoing to go with Rod this time. This is...

...the road processor, podcast, quality,dynamic microphone with a road S, a one mouth really nice. I have not personally usedthe road procas, but it's a fairly popular microphone among hide pastorssure, and I don't know how much it's is an radio, but it's a great dynamicmicrophone. So has an internal pop bilter. Ithat'll minimize the SIVES. You know the microphone stand is really nice too.Road makes good stuff not going to lie. Don't have any road stuff currently,but road stuff. I've seen I've used eight stuff, so any of you are wanting to do. Videopodcast we've got thumb stuff for that too, you've got live stream. Let's see, I think Iforgot to mention the price of that previous one. The road procas are with the stand, isthree hundred sixty nine dollars into this life stream. Video Camera for K,ardroe ax, sixty dwenched, hd m porter. Three hundred nine nine dollars has well vex optical zoom, a three point:Five inch is screen hundred and ninety per sixty fs for K, digital videorecording, and now that's got to be great forthose of you who want to get to life streaming their podcast like. I do,of course, I'm using an iphone with droid cam all right at stuff. Again,we've got another video camera, that's what it's going to be for three hundred:Seventy nine dollars also from order the let's see where is audal number on this, oh I've got, is for K. THIRTY FPS videocamera game quarter all ordre hd log, camera of three hundred. Seventy nine.Ninety nine for this one as cups with a thirty two GIGABYTE ASKE card by theway, so you can save it to the speak, hardtransfer to your computer crediting and then publish that video. Of course, if you're going to do, videoyou're also going to want to think about fighting, and so we've got a ligting cut from mewere we were two packs. Sixty six sixty rather bro R GB led video, like it's aall stand: Kit Hundred Sixty degree, full color, fifty white Ima by color,pretty two hundred e to f six hundred K, video lighting. So this is great foryour streaming. If you're gaming outcast a video podcast, that is, ofcourse, but you definitely want to considerbiting. I personally don't have a room for one of these, but maybe at somepoint I'll have arter space and will are great. I've got much smaller lightsand I think it's fine for what I'm doing right now, but you know eventually I'd love tohave lights like this ewers actually known for some prettycheap. It's her mikes by the way, but it seems like these fits here- are pretty nice. Now we're going to three hundred anoner to. Let me pull that up and we're goingto get to another bundle.

The zoom pad track T for a podcastreporter it hasty four Bigga by Ultra S, DX cardand for ubble batteries and a cleaning cloth. Those cleaning claws cominghandy because things could get rather dusty. I've got another bark station. This is a more of abudget in Ed Ochin by the way, so I'm going to open this at thebrowser, but this is the Moinot or of for two hundred and fifty nine dollarswith an xl microphone. I cannot remember the model of this Gar Mike. Iknew it good at one time as in a and as for the am one hundred aone or at a pined, I'm not sure which one but the Moana Castor comes Wi. TheMike. Don't expect this to compete with aroad caster task him or even the track at by the way it will not, but youcould hook up to x, L R Mike it does have sound pads. I don't think all ofthem are assignable like they are on. The other has some other gemit like face chamberwhen not it does not be by any means with the road cast or brow or Taskar or Zompa dracae, from what I can tellthis doesn't even save to an s card. I could be wrong, but I don't seeanything regarding that. It was one that I wasn't personally interested in.However, the number of people who get this thingwho like it, what it does port a Christ point so one another problem I had was that thatthat caused me not to be interested in it, not just that you fell it saved to USPekhard. I think that was the case of I memor Ragley, but it did not do multitrack going tothe computer, so it puts everything on one stereotrack, and I don't like that. So I know it's not for me, but youmight not care. Multitrack may not be a big deal to you now. A lot of radioguys can mix it perfectly and they don't worry about the multi track, I'm not in radio, so I've never been able to fix, acted allright next stuff. We've got a focus right. Charlott, though I to studio inthat up right now. So this is the focus right scarlet to Ito suitor generation, USB audio in our face, I'm with Rothal by the way, which isreally nice. Oh you've got to x, LR and put at amicrophone. It's Carlit Studio, microphone, two hundred, seventy nine. Ninety nineright now, oh great you'll, break way to getstarted a podcast in if you're wanting something to Behinde and under also we've got a sure. MV, seven G S Bsays us be there, but it's USB and X, L R, two hundred nineteen dollars againit's a great microphone if you're not sure. If you want to do US B or X, L R,but you want to be prepared for either one or if you want to start off, doingUSB at switched to or later down the...

...road, but that might fact that I thinkit makes sense switched to a hat. Flour set up at some point and not going to forget about the roadprocas I own. That's two hundred sixteen dollars and ninety cents, a microcode for podcasting or otherrecording meat. We've got more cameras from Ordre. I've got this camera for two hundred.Ninety nine and ninety nine. The C three a tune. A eight H, sixty F es aWAG camera. Another Great Amer for your podcast as Wifi by Dangle Lyn led video,light a hand held holder, has a hand held order older, rather I'mswish a storage case in sixty four GIGABYTE SD card. That is two hundredninety nine and nine another or dro video camera. Again, Idid not have an exact model number, the best one, but it's two hundred thirtynine, a D, Ninety nine or dro for cake, Inquart Er, I r nigh vision or KA videocamera. Maybe sixty yes as a WIFI again and comes with a thirty two GIGABYTE SP hard and a remote troll at is two hundred thirty, nine, ninety nine and widing or under three hundred. Thisis from I think it's pronounced ives. I V I S! I! If anyone knows how topronounce that correctly. Please let me know it would be much of appetite. Avideo like hit impact ography lights, with stand, enable by color threehundred or three thousand Krather to eight thousand K, an El Light, Yotovideo, shooting and studio photography and, of course,to be as it thus our life odas or a video podcast. Other. Let's see you aregoing under two hundred dollars that come of two hundred dollar point I find as far or interesting as far as what'savailable, you've got great options. My opinion. There are very good budgetoptions when you're under two hundred dollars for Gettin started a podcasting.I've got the focus right scarlet to I to third generation audio in our faceby itself. Here this is a hundred sixty nine. Ninety, nine again, that's a pretty popular in ourface and won't let you down. As far as that goes, it's a good aliby in herface. I know people who love this thing. I've not personally used it. I don'tknow anyone who's been upset with it. If you're just gate started andpodcasting are you know someone who is hey? This is a good option if they wantto go xr, this does have a Combo Jacks on it that can use either xl or thequarter inch jet. Also, if you want to have a solo podcast like I'm doingtonight, never going to have any testin person. Well, if you go cheaper, ahundred and nine hundred and ninety nine, a scarlet solo third generationto end to out USB audio interface, but my Cape there's that if you're us doing a solo,podcast or if your guest that you are going to have our God to be remote,this is a great option. E options to get started with yourpodcast to x, stop. This is one we used to havehere...

...and I sold it a little while back. Thisis the sound craft. Note had twelve effects bus be mixer hundred eightynine dollars, eight little mix or I had no competes about it- also has some effects. If you reallywant to use it so yeah, it's got at great reaps. I think there wasArmand Preancient, correctly harmon digital signal processing and built anduse or Adeo interface. He is with back or PC works with Lennox as well. Theyou have to update form ware and some of the othersettings for it. Software that's available for Lennox,it's open source object. Was it fully developed last I chat. So there is that so I probably want tohave a windows installation of or in excuser just to update the farm war andchange some of the settings that can only be changed software other than that it does work withLennox, yea God little mix or board. We used itfor a little while before gain the pod tract yeah. Oh next, stop a littlebrother to the sound craft. NOPE had twelve F x books are born asoundcraftsmen mixing console. I assume this is also good. This is good ifyou're only going to have two people in the room with or one other person inthe room with you, if you're just going to have a two person podcast right inthe room pursue have still, but not are so athing about these biker boards, as you don't have filtonmix minus. That's also the case with the scarlet in our faces I mentionedearlier so you'll have to figure out mix minus there's videos on how to dothat with these kinds of boards on Youtube. I won't get into that ear, but something gets looked into the great mix, our boards for up againour store at a great price. Now we've seen the the shore MB. Seven I've gotan x LR, only version of it ashore, MV, seven T X, LR, podcast microphone or ahundred forty nine dollars. So if you know you're just doing that so or arenot going to the USB at all, this is a great option and from the reviews I'veseen of this, it sounds better than the shore MV.Seven, though, that's something to keep inmind. So, if you're getting a short MV, seven, your paying extra to have thatUS peor. If you don't need that USB port go with the shore M V, seven etthing about both a short MV, seven and MV Seven X, it looks like looks like the shore a subset at a babymicrophone, and this is what it is now. It doesn't have the same sound asthe short s seven by, but if you're looking for that type of sound go withthe shore, a sob seven be. But this has a similar lot and it's a good microphone. It isdefinitely worth considering US B. Microphones are also am I list like five fine K, six, five, eight Pike,a thon, a lot of people. Don't like a shockmount that's on this microphone. They say it looks kind of weird, but I'mpersonally, okay without looks it has a bit of a Gamer look to it, and I reallythink five fine is really marketing...

...this towards game streamers. I don'tthink it was marketed to podcasting. Of course, that's a shock Moun, I'mreferring to microphone itself, looks decent, but sounds good. One ReviewI've seen on this one I think it was obscure Mike. I remember correctly,actually replace the pot builter with a shores of seven pop dolter. It workedfine, it fit perfectly. It was even better than the original pot bilerenough. If you ever lose the pop belter an a shore, some seven be top builterand it'll work. Next, stop you've got another bundle. That's week got VONDEL's even at thisprice point- or this is a hundred twenty nine dollars. I mentioned the vs one. The five fineby the way is partly has a lightning bill of ahundred one dollars, a nine nine cents, that's regularly under nineteen. Ninetynine I'm going to the next item here: the Audio Technical, eighty, twothousand and five USB a vocal microfilm cat or streaming, and I I in the lodesUS vnreputably, adjustable boom arm and monitor head ones. I honestly don't have any experiencewith this take of our microphone or the whole pack, but considering it's bothUSB and ex R. It's a great choice for a beginner. Ifyou're not sure what director you want to go with the audio or if you won'tstart off with USB and maybe switch to X, L, R or their down the road. Boththat's good and a lot of these and this price point as well as the under one hundred ice point I'll,be more for beginners to let you know road N T S B, many microphones thats upthat both these are interesting, but as if you have several of these, you couldget the rote the net software on your gooder and you have almost road asser ro when you're bitter minusthe sound pat won't have that. But these are pretty popular microphones.Could then terrify member correct? And you know a R great for your podcast is red connect like I said an next asmany of these as Dan, and you will be happy going back up a little little bitstill and that under two hundred dollar range, but I've got a couple of new microphones totalk about and no be in, took neck with this company. They've not contacted meback, though I've one to audio I've got the skylight arch, diafram microphone,four hundred, Ninety nine dollars and well as the lime light. I definitely want totry these out myself, but I've seen reviews and, for the most part, they'repretty good, as seems like the denser microphone, the skylight. It's a bit better, but both of themhave a really good sound, so definitely take a look at both ofthem or your podcaster or so we've got boom arm as in standsnow. I do eventually want to get new Omar Myself. It may be this gaiter here. It's a verywell built boom arm for AA hundred ten...

...dollars and fifty cents, a desk mounted. It has an interpretedet at our cable, which would be very nice. The next road also has the MARM. Let's see the ater frameworkswas a hundred ten dollars at at the said. This goes back up to a hundredtwenty nine dollars, the PSA one professional studio beumare.He already saw this one time before this table is more routed there. Thatis nice to. I don't necessarily need it to be internal, but this cost a little bit more so, but it looks like the belledquality. Otherwise is is good, I'd be happy with either as I gaster next stop. This is more for those doing livestreaming, with your podcast Yalgoo Stream, Dat Tho, far sises popular with aiming livescreamers, but odas or Bacus of this as well. So you get fifteen customers, all LCDadjustable stand and it's officially supporting windows as well as back oWest there's Linux software to use for thisas well. Lennox community has paid and of course, we've got another videocamera. This video camera, I think, there'sanother o. This isn't even adro. Any more that's looks like the brand nameis cot at the four sixty FPS altra, H, Wifi, camera sixteen times, Didia Zoomor quarter, or sixteen next, rather forty, eight Bega Pixel night visionwith an external microphone as a podcaster. I doubt you be is in theexternal microphone, but it it's there if you need it. That is a hundred forty nine. I neednot. I stop. Now. Ed Phones are important for yourpodcast to we have not brought any headphones into the mixt Audio Technicaat Mt Professional Studio, monitor head ones, their professional grade andcritically acclaimed with a detachable cable, though these are really nice.This starts off out of a hundred. Forty nine dollars goes up to hundred eighty nine dollars pain on theour Ye, so we're staying under two hundred here. Detachable cables are Nice. Now I didnot have these particular headphones, but I do have a pair of zoom. headphoneswitch haven has connectible able makes it really nice when you're rapid thingsup or if you accidentally, pull away of too far hundred forty nine as to beginwith P, two hundred eighty nine dollars. I like now this next pair of ped phones, won'twork as far as x, LR setups go because this is a blue tooth had set it's the audio technical ath, a and Cnine hundred t quite a point: wireless and waist canceling headphones. I don't know how much latency thatthere might be, though that would be urn, but that's beside the point this I think it's perfect for someonewho's doing a use...

...icepond in their podcast. This is a hundred forty nine dollarswise can plan for the use case. I talked about it gowrong now. Unless you have something an Arfen, then yeah, you could go wrong that work going under one hundreddollars- and this is the Moenas- are light. Yes,there is the light version of this out. There's other stuff like this on Amazonand Ebay, and what not kind of consider these boys I'm honest,but hate some people get their start out on this. You know you want to see.PODCASTING is right you! This is a good age way to get into it. The microphoneitself is x, l R. However, it gives us a able avert from exer to put the mixer a ER in er face. It fell up, it's e. If it's three ofthe quarter inch back, it's three and a half bench back there, so yeah. Those really don't tend to be very good as cablestone. So, but you know it's fine as long as youdon't hit the cables, you know that's easy way to get into it. For the priceand hey it switched to a true exclure set up, you've got an excel our mineand that's on New York station. I'm going to talk about under a hundredbucks. Anything else is definitely a toy. Next up, I've got two of thesezoomed one Mike it worth seventy dollars or seventy nine dollars. I canremember they just recently did a price dropfrom. I understand it's only lasting until some time in January, apparently,forty, nine, ninety nine, so fifty nine or fifty dollars that you a greatdynamic Mike or podcast you. These are fade specifically for podcasting howly,recommend windscreen, because even though it's adynamic Mike at least with mine, if it doesn't have the wind screen known, itpicks up a lot of boys. The background when I put it on that background noiseas refused they do come with the wind screen stuff. That's something! That'sawesome that stuff we've got very popular. I casti specifically,this is also bad podcasting, a Rod admit it's ninety nine dollars for a while. I actually wanted one ofthese. I've listened to some of the podcast for forty with these, and in myopinion they sound a bit tinny. I personally don't like that. So all youwant to do some e to make a mike sound better. I love the look of the mine,but the sound of the might he s a bit to be desired. If I'm honest Bo, I personally want to go this, but youmight oh there we go now anything. I listhere check the reviews on before buying it I'll jist, go by what I say: Okay, another Mike that I have used and Antonio is apparently using the five five has six seventymicrophone, it's a good dat or...

...microphone. It's going to pick upeverything, but if you treat your room well enough, well work well, actually, now, to behonest, I felt I did a good job siderin its expense for Mike with a lot ofbackground. Noise reject ship by the greatest quality might by any means. Iffeels cheap, but sounds good, especially for thirty nine. Ninety nine,I think that's even cheaper than what I got it for Exopto, the Mike I am Artley using andit's a condenser mine as the macy element series M. Ninety one S or thirty n e N. Ninetynine right now says keeper than why I bought it for Igual, it's fifty nine.Ninety nine! It is a renewed Mike. Whatever thatmeans on here. I noticed some of these things on Amazons. They renewed. Idon't know if that means it's refurbished, but this Mike. Is it evenreally that old? So I don't even know why they teach to Reprobat this point:it's a decent Mike for the price. This is macies first ate at making amicrophone, and I think they did a good job. They are normally known for mixers,but they're entering the microphone business and I'm looking forward tomore of what Mackie will offer the future. Hardly as far as the microphonego. You've got audio Technica, Eighteen, O thousand and twenty pendentemicrophone so yeah. This is great for your film Studio Applications. A lot ofpeople are using these for podcasting in mind. I've mentioned dynamic andcadets for microphones, but that's right for phones to pick up everything,whereas dynamic microphones have noise canceling capability, so just be aware,you might want to have a Gor room treated except in would be thepart works. I cot pro that I mentioned earlier think about room treatment,though almost convince our microphones and, of course, one thing we shouldn'tskip over our pop filters. Hot filters help keep those pots out oftheir Fortini. Remove this pop builter. Her veut here way too powerful of apiece sound for an example but kind of pot. When you are a speaker, you don'twalk that. So this is what I'm using the OkioMetal Mesh and foam at a mean layer. Microphone Wind screen of her, thoughit just kind of raps around or microphone, affects a number of viets,the eighteen, two thousand and twenty eight twenty thirty five and so on andso forth. Check out the link- that's microphones not mentioned, but it work next week got the JT upbradedmicrophone top filter, Hotfixes Shield, for it says Blue Yeti,but it would work with other microns to it's. A six inch dolar pot wind screenwith enhanced flexable three hundred six geree goods that clip stabilizationarm. The only thing I have a problem with these does that harm tends to livea bit. It gets kind of annoying and does notwant to stay in place for me, but something that well wark. I've usedone of these for a little while that we've got arisen, that's how you pronounce it or Sen. I oppilation metallic Mike Up uter fashfor an Blue Yedi and any other Mike,...

...not o course. I notice I didn't mentionthe Blue Yedi. I've got reasons for that. I think the Blue Yedi is a goodmicrophone by. I feel, is a bit over priced to my opinion, but yeah the arson dollard microphoneat filter and has that a snack which not a fan ofbut looks really nice. I've not used one of these before that's got goodreviews on the Amazon, eighteen and ninety nine that one so you's spendinga little more. It looks like it's a better quality topfilter. Now for something like the Admin it might want specially made up, filterfat well on a Enho. They have that. It's thirty nine nine I'm for thispulter here. So would it a pod Mike perfectly a probat them B, one microphones to have not tried it, but it looks like it could. I think,they're about the same diameter, but there we go it's a nice pop builterspecifically made admit, and you know what Agato has ascream deck or does live streams. That's under a hundred dollarsseriously, they do they've got a stream back many or livecontact ations. Now this only has six buttons. The six LCD is that you in aprogram again or live contestation for live streaming. You live streamer podcast like we aredoing well, yeah, that's about all I have forthis. I went over a lot of products to night the yeah. I have not do it any more, that'sa so that up. We've got current events.Stay too. This is Joey's, toly tech, your tech, outcast and we're back. This is Joey's, tolytech, your tech, outcast lit events and, of course, Antonia is not here who whohas current of it, but Y it's sent over to me. First, a steam, DAG is delayedand guidance is given to developers to prepare for release a Dooti as part ofthe steam developers conference. A ditch supply chain, as she is, the stemdet release has been delayed. If you put a deposit down for the December oflease stay now you are streamed that or steam back rather will arrive inFebruary the same or any other date. Who selected will have a delay?Meanwhile, this will also give developers extrar tod to get theirgames ready for the Linux gaming hand held steam works. Development has beenreleasing youtube videos recently, this being their online steam developersconference to help game developers, prepare their games for the steam thatfoot coding instructions to help developers with things like the steamdex ability to save games to the cloud...

...for sleep or hibernation of the device and bring the game back up with thesave and foe, then Antonio's story, a child receivesa threat of a rote, a rologe video game. Stranger targeted a nine year old boyfrom spoke in Washington for a ro black video game chat and sent him disturbingthreats and Demands Rolo to Super Popular Gaming Platform aimed at kids.It's more than forty eight million users, most of them between the ages ofnine and thirteen. The game is free and can be devoted to most bobl devicesallows users to chat with others a search warrant revealed. This is how aPredator started talking to the spoke and boy. Their interactions increasedover the course of four months with the Predator at one point Etendit to be theboys pastor. The boy eventually told a school counselor about the interacted online editor, but he led to theinvolvement from law enforcement that is about it. I've, nothing but say:You've been listening to Joey's, tolly tech or tech, podcast I've been joy,Kegel and Tonio's been absent. We both see you ex time.

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